Dear Grandma,

"Dear Grandma," is a project I started working on in spring 2021. It was finished in September 2021; currently the photobook is in print. This page will be updated with new media when the book is self-published; for now, you can see a few selected photos from the photobook.

This project is about experiencing loneliness on a new level; it's about the tight connection I have with a loved one — my Grandma, and it's also about my helplessness when facing the circumstances I have no control over. I wanted to express my feelings for my Grandma, a person I am closest to in the family. I also explored the similarities and differences in the way I have lived through my depression episode and the way my Grandmother has been dealing with hers. In the photographs, I talk to her using a sequence of symbols and visual cues known only to us two.


Essentially, it's a photobook for one.